An aerial bombardment


from the Paris diaries of Ernst Jünger, 15 September 1943. Trans. Hilary Barr:

"I was having dinner in my room at the Raphael when at around twenty minutes to eight the sirens sounded the alert. Soon there came the sound of intense fire; I hurried up to the roof. There my eyes were met by a…


Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

Appropriating the restroom to document current physical progress. Still a very long way to go (trying to break past the 180lb barrier), but way better than I was 6 months ago.

Squats - 4x8
Leg Press - 4x6
Wide-grip pullups - 4xMax
Barbell Curls - 4x10
HammerStrength-machine Calf Press 4x15

Swim for 30-45 minutes + core/ab workout.

Bench Press - 4x6
Cross-Cables/Pec Flyes - 4x8
Dips - 4xMax
Downwards Triceps Cable - 4x10
Seated Dumbell Curls w/ wrist-twist - 4x10
Barbell Calf Press 4x15

Swim for 30-45 minutes + core/ab workout.

Deadlifts - 4x6 (currently on hold due to sciatia-like symptoms that flare up whenever I do deadlifts, so I’m using the following 2 exercises as substitutes til healed up)
Weighted Hyper-extensions - 4x10
Barbell ‘Good-Morning’s - 4x10
Front Squats - 4x8
Barbell Rows - 4x6
HammerStrength-machine curls - 4x10
Pushups 4xMax
Body-weight calf-presses 4xMax


"La conquista della terra / The Conquest of the Earth" Duilio Cambellotti 1934

Love this guy.

2 KIA in Kabul.

So it turns out my Russian professor for Figure Drawing was a paratrooper in the Red Army during the Cold War… And was deployed to the same patch of square miles in Afghanistan I was.

I love art school.

every time.

Lesson Learned: don’t waste time on squares and do-gooders

Man on second thought I shouldn’t even bother responding to complete strangers going on the morality crusade against Club Fallout after the “Doomsday Scandal”. None of the attackers are giving the whole story (or are outright lying. I’m talking about you Matt Elgin you gossipy little cunt) and this whole thing has gone far beyond merely disagreeing with their choice in industrial shock-art, to an 80s fundamentalist church mom type of agenda where they’ll ignore anyone who was actually there saying “No, this is actually how it was”.


Doomsday 2014 was groovy as hell. Apparently I danced for like 4 hours straight. Also noticed raw meat caked between the treads of my boots the morning after.

Daily reminder that prohibitionism is for squares. If you think it’s good to have police kidnap and put someone in a state-funded steel cage where they’ll be brutalized and sexually assaulted for years simply because they owned a certain quantity of plants, mushrooms or chemicals with far less harm potential than your average Walgreens-bought tobacco/alcohol substances, you’re messed up.

Moving apartments right now. Updates later.


Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters