every time.

Lesson Learned: don’t waste time on squares and do-gooders

Man on second thought I shouldn’t even bother responding to complete strangers going on the morality crusade against Club Fallout after the “Doomsday Scandal”. None of the attackers are giving the whole story (or even the truth in some cases) and this whole thing has gone far beyond merely disagreeing with their choice in industrial shock-art, to an 80s fundamentalist church mom type of agenda where they’ll ignore anyone who was actually there saying “No, this is actually how it was”.


Doomsday 2014 was groovy as hell. Apparently I danced for like 4 hours straight. Also noticed raw meat caked between the treads of my boots the morning after.

Daily reminder that prohibitionism is for squares. If you think it’s good to have police kidnap and put someone in a state-funded steel cage where they’ll be brutalized and sexually assaulted for years simply because they owned a certain quantity of plants, mushrooms or chemicals with far less harm potential than your average Walgreens-bought tobacco/alcohol substances, you’re messed up.

Moving apartments right now. Updates later.


Mishima: A Life in Four Chapters

I way underpriced myself for this recent run of commissioned illustrations, but didn’t realize it til I saw how fast I burn through grocery money now that I’m trying to get swole. Shit’s changed since I last did freelance art fulltime in 2008.

Guh, can’t wait to finish this batch and price myself properly so I can afford protein powder and Bandcamp downloads once or twice a month.

In good news I took a break from everything last night, reclined on the couch and listened to psytrance and Wagner preludes while watching incense burn.


White privilege is posting a manifesto on Youtube and carrying out a mass shooting that causes more deaths than the Boston Marathon bombing and the media doesn’t label you a terrorist.

Do you crybabies even read the news before you decide to rage about privilege? Elliot Rodger was half-White/half-Asian, and complained in his videos about white women not sleeping with his stupid creepy ass, and boasted about planning to kill them.

Was about to bicycle to the gym, then this started falling from the sky.


Forgot to mention that during the RVA NoiseFest when I went to the Kroger for some eats, I saw some guy walking down Broad St., wearing huge baggy JNCO jeans, middle-parted bleach-blonde long hair, and a bunch of celtic cross and/or ankh pendants.

I was too astonished to take a photo, and I wasn’t sure anyone would believe me, but a couple other guys at the noisefest said they saw him too.

The sightings ARE real. The missing link still walks among us.

If your Identity is so weak that you need it affirmed by pop culture, a swindling government, and corporate advertising - stirred to joy when it’s recognized, boiled to indignation when it’s ignored - you’re a slave. Meat-caste. Cattle. Consumer.

Still bummed that I missed out on moot at Ulfheim last weekend due to work on the other side of Virginia. Spent the evening with my sketchbook, Casio and based D’Annunzio.

Disney Adventures was a pretty cool little magazine that ran during the early 90s. Usually it was about videogames, comics and movies, but they always had some really cool educational historic stuff in there geared towards kid audiences. Remembered this illustration from their issue about Vikings, and was able to find it after some short Googling.